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Specialised Professionals

The G9 Group was formed to consolidate a suite of companies to spearhead our diverse business ventures and to channel our expertise under a single management structure. The intellectual Capacity, Experience, Integrity and Strategic vision of all our Directors sets the foundation for success. The G9 Group was bonre out of our belief that to move South Africa to a truly democratic and equal dispensation, Black business must commit to facing the economic challenges head-on and should not sit back a wait for hand-outs from government and established business. We have had our fair share of set-backs and challenges; but through our persevearance and fortitude, we have finally been vindicated through hard work and the support of many Clients' and the Business Community. Our vision is not only to establish a sustainable and profitable Black owned company; but rather to set up a successful South African company where our footprint, staff and client base is reflective of our demographics; but most importantly embraces our Diversity in building a common but unique identity for all South Africans.

Our subsidiaries which fall under the G9 Group are independent companies with each having its own set of specialised professionals. Core teams with the relevant qualifications spearhead the business operations of the respective subsidiaries under the strategic direction of the Directors. All companies have dedicated Forensic Investigators, Forensic Analysts, Security Officers, Intelligence Analysts, Risk Managers, Armed Reaction Force, Lawyers and Senior Reseachers.

Our professionals across the group include:

  • Attorneys
  • Financial Experts
  • Investigators
  • Research Consultants
  • Surveillance and Intelligence Experts
  • Project Managers
  • Administrators
  • Security Specialists
  • Patrol Dogs
  • Armed Response in the near Future
  • Trained Guards

Services we provide

» Security Services

G9 SS is a professional security agency providing high quality services for the protection of life and property. With specially trained Security Officers, Equipment and Resources, G9SS is an ideal security service provider for Corporates, the Manufacturing and Construction Industries, Mining, Retail and Residential Areas. Our services include Armed Reaction Services, Guarding Division, CCTV Surveillance, Patrols and Intelligence Operations. Cost effective security solutions on 0861 33 33 G9 (0861 33 33 49)

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» Forensic Consulting

Due to the depth of skills and experience of our team and business associates, we believe that we have an obligation to consistently develop and upskill our own staff, public and private sector employees in the unique skills of forensic investigations.

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» Research Consulting

G9 Research Consultants is an independent subsidiary under the G9 Group. Specialising in research through desktop reviews, surveys, analysis, consultations and statistics, our teams conduct research in key areas of risk and governance, manufacturing, mining, and anything affecting the environment. Core teams with specialist skills are constitued for specific mandates, objectives and deliverables. Our methodologies include both qualitative and quantitative sources and analysis.

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