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G9 is a Group of Companies which was set up with a vision to create sustainable business ventures, through the provision of reputable services and products. It is in essence, a proudly South African company, which seeks to empower its shareholders, employees and its communities through its businesses, but at the same time considering that our Clients' matter most. We provide a range of specialised services by professionals who under the G9 brand aspire to give off their best, achieve the highest and deliver the most. We rise from humble beginnings, with difficult challenges; but through motivation and perseverance has culminated in the estalishment of a growing brand, supported by intelligent Staff and generous Clients' which has ultimately given us a platform to offer our irreproachable Services. To those who have stood by G9 and who have provided us with opportunities; and to those who have kept faith in us, we say Thank You. There are many but special mention must be made of Advocate Dumisa Ntsebeza (SC) and Kuyasa Mining (Pty) Limited and its subsidiaries who without their support, we would not be where we are today.

                                                                                                                                                          Rajie Murugan (Chief Executive Officer, The G9 Group)


G9 Security

G9SS is a professional security agency providing high quality services for the protection of life and property. With specially trained Security  and Risk Officers, Equipment and Resources, G9SS is an ideal security service provider for...

G9 Forensic

G9 Forensic is a service oriented and solutions driven firm with highly skilled South Africans of all races who are committed to the fight against the scourge of global economic crimes, which negatively affect our societies...


G9 Research

G9 Research Consultants is an independent subsidiary under the G9 Group. Specialising in research through desktop reviews, surveys, analysis, consultations and statistics. Our teams conduct research in key areas of...

Specialised Services by Professionals


Rapid Response

The G9 Group was formed to consolidate a suite of companies to spearhead our diverse business ventures and to channel our expertise under a single management structure. The Intellectual Capacity, Experience, Integrity and Strategic vision of all our Directors and Senior Management set the foundation for success. The G9 Group was borne out of our belief that to move South Africa into a truly democratic and equal dispensation, Black business must commit to facing the economic challenges head-on; and should not sit back or wait for hand-outs from government and established business. Our vision is not only to establish a sustainable and profitable company; but rather to set up a successful South African company where our footprint, staff and client base is reflective of our demographics; but most importantly embraces our Diversity in building a common but unique identity for all South Africans and to attain economic freedom.

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